FS: a bunch of random stuff (headphones, pcb, guidebooks)

Selling a few things here: will post pics when I get a chance

Tekken 6 iron on prints-I have 3- $7 shipped each

Backwards compatible ps3 its the first 80GB model has a few issues, 1 being no hard drive, 2 the first USB slot is busted and I cant find the power cord or hdd lid. It was working before I took the hdd out, and I have no spare to test it with… So its as is! I will try to find the power plug though comes with a controller-SOLD

purple gummie bear ear buds, asking $5+ shipping will post pics up

A ps3 TE-S pcb+ turbo panel-SOLD

Namco pcb (no wires at all) $5+ shipping

Strategy guides: entire lot $30+shipping or
Need For Speed Undercover $5+shipping
Fallout 3 still has map $7+shipping
Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10+shipping
Grand Theft Auto 4 $7+shipping
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe $5+shipping
Street Fighter 4 STILL SEALED $8+shipping
Street Fighter 4 OPENED $5+shipping


Added item

Added new items, price drop on skull candy

Bump price drops

could i see some pics of the namco pcb please?

Yea I’ll put some up tomorrow once I get everything organized


sorry about the delay… i didnt have time to do it before work

added pics of namco pcb… will update with the other pics when i get a chance

Looks like a good pcb for a project, i would purchase it if the shipping is dirt cheap.
I would be fine if you mailed it in some birthday card size envelope and if it breaks it breaks, I don’t know if the post office allows that or not.
Let me know about the shipping prices. I appreciate you posting the pictures

I’ll check on the shipping… It should be less than $5 though, I’ll let you know pm me ur postal code for an accurate quote

Shipping is $5 at the cheapest… :confused:

I really appreciate the effort, I am going to hold out unless I regain interest in the PCB.


What happened to the rest of PS3 TE-S? I’m interested in the PCB, if it’s blight-free.

TE-s got a PS360 & turbo paneless art+plexi… The pcb is in perfect working order… And looking at it now… I dont think it has any ribbon cables like the 360… Did u want it with or without the USB?

Hey sorry, been a little crazy here. I am interested in buying it to replace a PS3 round 1 TE PCB. Do you happen to know if the round 1 and TE-S PCBs are the same size? Or if you’re unsure, would you mind measuring the TE-S?

Either way, I’d take it without USB, since I’ll be dual-modding.

it should have at least one ribbon cable soldered directly onto the board for button inputs, plus pin-connected one for the joystick…if memory serves.

Those ribbons were cut, since I used them for my ps360 board

Do you ahve pictures of TE-S pcb??



Updated, changed some stuff added pics

Anyone know if that’s the exact same dimensions as the original TE? It looks like it’ll be fine, but I don’t want to get it and have it not fit.