FS: A few sticks from my collection (updated 7/25/07)

Updated as of 7/25/07

Modded Hori Fighter Stick SS:
6x Sanwa OBSN-30 in White
2x Seimitsu PS-14-DN in Black
Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y stick with GT-Y (Octagon Gate/Restrictor)
Sony ps1ds1 pcb

Price: $125 shipped OBO

Modded HRAP3:
White LB-35 balltop
8x Sanwa OBSN-30 in white

Almost new. has a scratch mark near the top right of the corner.

Price: $110 shipped

For payment I accept both USPS Money Orders and paypal (+paypal fees)

I’m also in need of 6x Seimitsu PS-14-K buttons in all clear. Will knock off $25 on the stick if they are thrown in.

dammm that last stick sure is sexy!:lovin: i just wish i wasnt so much in debt already:sweat:

Agreed, the last stick is awesome but I’m broke.

Interested in the HRAP2 I’ll send you a pm.

wow i hate to see you selling those beauties :[

especially the last one

I would take that FLCL stick from you but money is tight at the moment. =x

God DAMN if I wasn’t so broke I would buy that Haruka stick in a fucking heartbeat~!

Hope it finds a worthy owner, becuase that thing is godly.

pm’s answered, FLCL Stick is still available.

FLCL stick and HRAP2 is pending…

My pm box is almost full so if i didnt answer your pms means someone else beat you to the stick atm. I still got your pms though so if they back out then next one that pm’ed will get dibs

FLCL and HRAP2 sold, HRAP3 still for sale.

bump, still got HRAP3 for sale, lowered price to $130 shipped

Bump, added another stick and lowered price on HRAP3

That new T5 mod stick is NICE. just wish it had a ball top instead. If you take it off hold id buy it if you can change the joystick.

new stick up for grabs, and yet again, lowered HRAP3 price (even PS3 needs some lovin’)

Since I’m in the middle of many transactions, my PM box has been busy and getting full fast. If you cant get through to me via PM you can always IM me on AIM or try emailing me at shishio at gmail dot com

What is the art on he stick from?

Tenjou Tenge, its the chibi sister than turns into tits mcgee.


Will also take trade the stick(s) for a set of 6x Seimitsu PS-14-K along with money.

wow all those views and no one is interested? Remember you can freely throw me offers, the $140 isnt set it stone. Try me im very lenient :slight_smile: Also if my pm box is full (which it is atm, you can email me at **SHISHIO **at **GMAIL **dot COM.

offer sent via email.

I’d buy that HRAP3 if I didn’t have to buy a new car soon. ;_;

Props on the sticks though.

stick is back up for sale