FS: Afro Legends Custom Stick: Sanwa Octogonal Gate and Sanwa Buttons


This is a PS2 stick and here’s a short summary…

Sanwa Octogonal Gate and Sanwa buttons
6 face buttons
start and select are on top of the joystick

Here’s some pictures:




If you are interested in buying it, hit me up and we’ll work out a price. This joystick is worth about $200 or more if you get a custom one exactly like it. I’ll most likely be asking for $140 or best offer. Thanks.

afro legends


PM sent


PM sent.


Does it use quick disconnects and can you change the art? I want a Joker stick.


Yeah, it uses quick disconnects, and I’m not sure if you can change the art. It’s probably doable, but I wouldn’t want to mess around with it.


What color is the Stick…It looks like Pink to me


have you blessed it with your god like skillz? i might want it if you have :rofl:


Pic of the original wiring from PC1X1’s stick thread



The color is Purple Kush.


Sold to Dream Theater.

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