FS: Agetec Seimitsu stick + Hori T5 Sanwa stick (both no PCB)

$110 plus reasonable shipping fee for each one

Both of these sticks have no PCB. You just need a PCB and some harness and its good to go.

Agetec shell with customize art
6 green PS-14-K buttons (30mm)
2 black/white PS-14-D-N buttons (24mm)
LS-32-01 stick (5 pin connector included)

I took out the VMU slot and place it with a D-Sub 25 pin connector as you can you in the picture. Again, theres no PCB, just wire.

T5 Hori stick shell with customize art
6 white Sanwa OSBN-30
2 yellow Hori (24mm)
JLF-TP-8Y with shaft cover (5 pin connector included)

Theres a D-Sub 25 pin connector in front as you can see in the picture. Once again, no PCB.

lowered price to 110$ now

I don’t get the Pin Connector thing. Say I have a PSone PCB and I want to put that in it How do I go about hooking it up?

Hook it up eternally…all my PCB were external so I can use this stick with any console…but you dont have make it external. Just put a pcb in there and dont use the pin connector like the usual way.