FS: Agetec Stick, Dreamcast System w/ controller, VMU

Everything sold about a year ago… Read thread dates, guys…

PM sent re: sfz3

Is the import SFZ3 the ‘For Matching Service’ version? Post up a pic of the cover if you would.

I’m gonna put some more games up along with these on Monday or so, gotta take the pictures and upload them. Oh, and it’s not the matching service one, just the regular. Don’t see what the difference would be though, even if you were in Japan, does that “matching service” even still work?

Do you still have the imported Capcom vs SNK 2 for Dreamcast? Please tell me you do. I need a new one. Please. Oh, and is the Arcade stick still available as well?

How much shipped to mexico for the Agetec and the Dreamcast?
Zipcode: 38020

No, and No.

tech romancer is fail.

How was I supposed to know? The original post wasn’t updated with information about the stuff being sold until I had posted than subsequently pm’ed him about it. Forget the date; if the information is written to lead me to believe that the stuff is still available, it couldn’t hurt to ask right? Geez.

read thread dates? update your shit. If you had done this the first time we wouldn’t have pmed you.