FS: Agtec PCB's + buttons and stick [SOLD]

I have 3 sets of Agtec PCB’s along with their buttons and stick for sale. Looking for $10 shipped for each set.

[FONT=“Arial Black”]SOLD[/FONT]

Pm sent.

if you still have one, I’ll take one.

samee ill take that last one if its open
dont really want the buttons though

yea i still got all 3, You can throw out the buttons and stick when you get it =P i dont want them either >_<

Please send a PM; I’ll pay the $10 each for however many agetec PCB’s you got left. I got paypal ready to send, just give me an amount and a address.

haha i realized i just saw agetec and didnt think beyond that
are these ps2 or dc? if its ps2 ill take one if its dc ill pass

Damn well better be Dreamcast Agetec PCB’s/
Payment sent for two.