FS: Ai Yori Aoshi Stick (SANWA)



This is a brand new all Sanwa stick with Sanwa JLF joystick and 30mm buttons. Overall dimensions are 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 3 inches. Contains a hacked DS1 PCB. Button layout is 6 buttons total (Square, triangle, circle, X, L1, R1) with Start and Select. Case is made of Oak so its very sturdy. White paint with about 8 coats of lacquer. I think its pretty hot. Plays real nice too. I accept paypal only (unless you pick it up in person and have cash). PM me if you’re interested.

If this isn’t taken by friday, theres a strong chance I’ll try and nab this. For some reason, the Ai Aori Aoshi/pink-white turns me the hell on.

where is local?

very very nice

Sorry, didn’t realize I didn’t have my location. I’m in South Florida.

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

Yeah right. I love this stick to death. I really don’t want to sell it, but I need the cash to make some more sticks. Lets just say I’ve been testing the hell out of it :slight_smile:

Edited first post. Price drop.

Oh fuck, this looks nice. I might buy it.

Having tried this stick out, it’s one of the greatest sticks that i’ve EVER played on. Its also like, simply put, the prettiest stick ive ever seen. Definitely worth it. Sadly, i just don’t have the cash to buy it, but its definitely a fantastic stick.

is this stick for sale still?

Yes, its still for sale. I haven’t really been pushing it since I like it so much and its the only one of my customs I have left and I really like it :blush:.

That being said, Mizuki has told me he wants to purchase it. If he doesn’t come through, then its still available. :slight_smile:

STICKY!!! YOUR SELLING STICKY!!! NNNNOOOOOOOO!!! (Sticky is the name I have bestowed upon the stick)

Anyhow, its an incredible stick, extremely solid, feels good to hold, practically new, and has a brand new octagonal gate. I dunno if your still selling it, but I would be sad to see it go. If I had the spare cash, and wasn’t making my own, you know I would easily buy it. Buttons feel great, and very responsive. I even beat Midas on a couple rounds of BBB ;). Though he beat me most of the time, and he’s much better at combing X_x. Not to mention Midas is beast on Soul Calibur with that stick. So anyhow, its a great buy, and honestly I have seen the amount of work Midas puts into making his sticks, and its easily worth the price. heres me hoping Sticky won’t travel to far away lands. However if she does need to go, hope its to am good home :).