FS: All gone. Close thread plz


Hey guys. So I have to sell some of my sticks due to some unexpected bills that came out of no-where. I really hate to let these go but thats how life goes. All my sticks are boxed and in mint condition. All the prices are shipped but you can save money if you can pick it up local in nyc. Let me know if you have any questions. ( Comic-con and gundam extreme vs are sold. Fighting Edge on hold )

I accept paypal only. Please add 3% for fees or use gift option.

1) SOLD! PS3 Hori Gundam Extreme V.S. 235$ shipped / 215$ local

3) SOLD XBOX Madcatz Femme Fatale #431/650 210$ shipped / 200$ local

4) SOLD! PS3 Mad Catz Comic Con 09 #EMP/250 Super Rare EMP 260$ shipped/ 230$ local

5) (Sold) XBOX Brand New sealed Razer Atrox 125$ shipped / 105$ local

6) (SOLD!!) PS3 Hori Fighting Edge black 125$ shipped / 105$ local (On Hold for B-Boy tekken)

7) (SOLD) PS3 Unused brand new Sega Virtua Stick High Grade. 180$ shipped /160$ local


PM sent.


Pm sent.


Daaaaaaamn I want that Full Boost. Too much on my plate right meow though. GLWS!


Thanks! Im hoping these sticks go to collectors. The gundam ones look amazing and shouldn’t really be played on. It was really painful taking pics of them because I really don’t want to let them go.


This is such an impressive collection you’re putting up. tears


pm replied


Holy shit, bringing out the heat… PM’d


pm replied. Hori Fighting edge on hold for B-Boy Tekken




pm replied


PM #2 sent. Thanks again STEZO_ONE.


Comic con and extreme vs sold!!




pm sent


pms replied. Atrox is on hold pending payment. Ill update if this changes.


Fighting edge is sold. Packages are going out tomorrow. Payment pending on the Atrox.


Tracking info sent out. Enjoy them well!


if the Atrox falls through I’ll take it.


Price drop on femme fatale and VSHG