FS: All Sold, will return with more

All sold at the moment!

Prices shipped to the Cont. USA.
Please send a PM if interested.

Sold Items


EightArc Fusion Synthesis PS3/360/PC: eBay
Mad Catz Rivals TE2 PS3 / 4: eBay
Mad Catz EVO 2012 PS3: eBay
Mad Catz Chun Li TES PS3: eBay
Hori VLX Diamond: $450 shipped
Tek Case Unbuilt: $45 shipped
Panzer Fight Stick OG case: $150 shipped
Tek Case Fully Built: $125 shipped
Virtua Stick High Grade: $125 shipped
Hori Fighting Edge White: $140 shipped
Hori Fighting Edge White - eBay
Mad Catz Persona 4 TE2 - PS3 / PS4 - eBay
Hori Fighting Edge Black - eBay
Hori VLX Red: $320 shipped
Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Premium VLX (Kuro): $275 shipped
Eight Arc Fusion Ivory - PC\PS3\360 - $110 shipped
Mad Catz Street Fighter x Sanrio Fightstick Pro. for XBox 360. Limited Edition, 237 of 500. : $150 shipped.
Brook PS3 to PS4 controller adapter: $30 shipped
Mad Catz Tekken Hybrid Fightstick TES+ for PS3. Limited Edition, 45 of 1000. : $150 shipped.
Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX Hayabusa - PS3 \ PS4 - $325 shipped
Hori VLX Diamond - eBay
Hori VLX Bag 2: $40 shipped.
Hori VLX Bag 1: $40 shipped.
Hori VLX Red PS3 PCB and Turbo panel: $55 shipped.
Hori VLX Custom Wrapped “Vewlix L” Panel: $55 Shipped.
Hori VLX Red Panel: $55 shipped.
Mad Catz TES+ Xbox 360 PCB and Turbo panel: $35 shipped.
Hori VLX Red Xbox 360 PCB, Turbo panel, and wiring harness: $55 shipped.
Toodles VLX Kitty: $55 shipped.
Mad Catz TES+ Tekken Tag Tournament Panel (Noir Layout): $35 shipped

pm sent

I’m interested in the red panel

pm sent

Pm sent


PM sent.

Sorry while browsing quickly through thread I accidentally hit disagree…promptly removed…GLWS.

Sent you a pm.

LOL, thanks! I was wondering what you disagreed with. All PMs replied, several items updated with Pending status.

Pm sent.

Sorry everyone, the VLX Bag has sold!

Everything sold in the quickness!

I didn’t get a reply for the red vlx panel? Did that sell?

Sorry, the Red Panel sold very quickly.

damn i should have jumped on that hori bag

I wonder if you could 3d print the missing door on the Diamond?

Everything has sold except for the Diamond, which has now gotten a price drop to $350 shipped! For those wondering, that’s as low as I will go. Shipping the stick is between $50 to $60, so at less than $300 after Paypal’s cut, I am already taking a rather large loss.

I considered it and reached out to a company who offered 3D scanning as well as printing, to get an exact match, they didn’t reply back. I’ve seen enough videos on 3D printing to I know it’s not something I would want to attempt myself without my access to my own printer, and I can’t justify buying one for a single piece of plastic.

Not sure if you wanted to take a shot at it, but I know there are places that offer 3d printing as a service locally. You may want to see if there is a Makerspace in your area or even a university that has a printer for rent. At the University of Houston they offer 3d printing services from their computer store on a $/minute basis. Of course, you’d need a file of the door and I don’t know how you’d get one.

Bump. More sticks for sale. Pictures and info in top post.