FS: "All-star Stick" (Sanwa-Flash)

“All-Star AKUMA” Stick.

*Sanwa-Flash stick (JLHS-8Y FLASH 1)
*6x OBSF-30mm sanwa buttons (2x White, 2x Red, 2x Dark Blue)
*2x OBSF-24mm Sanwa buttons
*Metalic Glitter Blue paint finish.
*Custom felt material base

Price is = $360 including delivery to UK, Europe, USA and Canada

no pic? and why so expensive?

you can get a flash stick kit to transform a jlf to a flash for like 50$ >_<

There is pic’s

Its Official Sanwa-Flash

Them pcbs you talk about are not available yet for some-time

Just trying to get what i paid for the flash and plus comes in custom stick

The sanwa-flash alone (official one) goes for near the same price without any custom box

Nice job on the paint. Good luck with your sale.

thanks :tup:


Also, I believe you had asked a while back if we sold Seimitsu parts to the UK. Back then we didn’t but now we do. So if you need any parts, I’d be happy to work with you.

Sweet thanks alot :wgrin:

LOL at a flash being over 350! Sorry, but maybe like 200 max for idiots.

Nice stick though

this is an alright deal when you think about it. A Sanwa Flash nowadays will run u 150-200 easily, plus parts and labor for the rest of the stick that’s an additional 100-150, plus shipping 25-50. U r easily looking at over 300, so yeah.

Good stuff though ur sticks r works of art DH020

wow thats a nice stick

Shit’s Hot! Good luck man :tup:

I am interested, but only if the art can be changed.

Considering the parts he used, he’d be losing quite a lot selling it for $200.

Yes the artwork can be changed (just got to remove plexi-glass top and slip artwork out its not stuck down)

God if you can show me custom stick with sanwa flash stick for $200 i ll be damned.

thanks everyone for the kind comments :wgrin:

On Hold for SpOOky

What exactly do these parts do?

The sanwa-flash use’s a laser-optics pcb so there is no clicky micro-switchs ment to be 100% accurate.

The flash is amazing. I just paid $180 for a flash pcb, no stick included. And that was reasonable.
For $360 this stick is cheap.
Darren will make around $100 for his time and work after parts have been deducted.
Not an awful lot.

Just seen this is with shipping.
Even better deal.

If you can get me an fully working 3S arcade cab delivered to my house for 360$. I’ll take 10 in the next week.

Once again you’re too much of a fucking moron to realize that the price is high because of the quality of the stick.
Yeah he can buy the entire arcade machine. And use the shitty sticks and buttons that come standard in the cabinet.

The whole principle of quality seems to fly about 6 feet atop your tiny head. Next time you want to call a rip off (which in this case, it clearly listen) you might want to pour yourself a huge bowl of Windex, submerge your head in it and take 3 deep breaths.

On a side note: You can’t take the cabinet with you to Evo or to any tourney. Sure you can have fun at home…and then wtf do you do when you play with friends? You remember what friends are right?