FS - Anime Figures and stuff - Added stuff and price drop

All items were shelved. All are products of Japan. These are all the tradables figures. Normally you would only be able to buy one at a time hoping you would get a whole set. Spent a lot of time looking for these. Price includes shipping in US only. Paypal only. All others please contact first.

Anime Figures:

Resaurus Figures
Remy P2 Figure - BRAND NEW, NOT OPENED - $30
Necro P2 Figure - BRAND NEW, NOT OPENED - $30

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Cyclops Vs. M. Bison - BRAND NEW, NOT OPENED - $40

Fate Stay Night Pocket Watch - Collectors Item -$100
This pocket watch comes straight from Japan. THESE ARE NO LONGER MADE! Only 500 of them were made! This is also the real pocket watch. There are cosplay version of this watch which do not work. Don’t be fooled by the cheap ones you find on ebay. This is a completely working watch. RARE ITEM! This watch was sold for over $300 at Fanime last year by Anime Palace.


Last item I have for sale is a US made
Transformers Generation 1 Hardcover - Autographed - $100 or best offer.
This is basically a hardcover with the First 5 comics in the G1 Series.
This item has been kept in a sealed bag. Was opened to check for the autograph. Hasn’t been opened since. I will take pictures for serious buyers only.

Please PM me if your interested. Paypal Only.

Make any reasonable offer.

Pm Sent

Pm sent

Christ I want that freaking Devilot figure so badly.


that chun is nice.

I really like that Felicia.

Supra, I sent a pm back, let me know so we can close the deal? Thank you, just im, whenever possible, as I have no seen you online.

All PM’s replied to and status updates.

Also feel free to PM me prices on the transformers comic book and fate stay night watch.

status updates

updated with lower price

Pm sent!

still open to offers on whatever is left.

updated. capcom set sold. price lowered.

pics of cyclops vs bison or is that the one that was sold?

I’ll take pics when I come home from work.

Price dropped. Part of my final sale for the summer.