FS: Anime Figures, Games, Manga, etc

OK MOST OF MY STUFF HAS BEEN SOLD, there’s very little left, but here it is:

PS2 SC2 - $5 --> Free with order of over $10

Ai Yori Aoshi 1-13 - $60 --> $50 --> $45

Anime DVDs:
Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 1,2,4, and Enish vol 3 - $5 each or $15 for all 4 --> $12
World of Narue boxset - $15 --> $12

Negima Pactio’s -
Makie - $12 --> $10 --> $8
Fuka/Fumika - $8 (small crease at the very top) --> $5 --> $4
Nodoka - $30 --> $25 --> $20
Natsumi - $9 --> $7 --> $5
Zazie - $12 --> $10 --> $8
Mistake pactio’s - $7 each: --> $5 each --> $3:

Damn I didnt think some of the stuff I wanted would get gotten. Oh well.

Here’s what I’m looking to get:
2 inch Nina from Breath of Fire 4
Cassie figure (viking costume)
Taki SC2 1P figure
Plush Tomo from Azumanga
Grandia 2 (game guide)
PowerStone 2
PS1 Breath Of Fire 3
Akira figure
Ayane XBV black outfit

Thnx again Rob.


PM sent for the Dreamcast

PM Sent.

Ok i got everyone’s PMs, and I don’t have much time right now, so I’ll be able to send pics and answer them all tonite after i get back home from school at like, 11:30 PM central time.

The order people get them in is the order that they PMed me or posted.

What does the doa3 stick look like? just like a doa4 with 4 buttons instead? I cant find pics of it anywhere. If so, I want it.

edit: sold

DC is sold.
Angelic Layer boxset is sold.

PM sent.

Take trades for Marvel or to discount the price for the game?

I suppose ill take trades, do you have any Japanese PS2 games?

I have Garou, but that’s it.

Tell me what you value Garou at and we can make a deal.

I had to remove the following figures due to either:
Missing Pieces/Lack of ability to stand on it’s own/poor construction of the figures.

I suspected some of them were bad, which is why they might be cheap but some of them just have to get completely removed, sorry to those who might have wanted them, but i’m not about to ship out broken stuff.:

SC2 1P Taki
Pink Chun
Idolm@ster Chibi Chihaya

There may be more.

Pics are coming REALLY soon. I just got done taking them, so ill be able to upload them.
edit: here’s pics!

They’re all labeled accordingly. That’s the figures and a couple other things.

ALSO, im giving people a week from now before i put everything that they have “on hold” available again. While i’m all about being fair to the people who called dibs, if someone can’t pay within a week, then they’re generally a lot of trouble to work with, so i’d rather deal with people who can pay efficiently (as ive already had a few people who can)

pm sent

I paid $30 for it, but now that I’ve been playing it for a while, I guess that I can value it at $20.

This is just an update to the items I want.

2 inch Nina from Breath of Fire 4 (blue)
Medium Lilith figure

Any problems just let me know Rob.


Mike, when can you pay by?

And both figures are yours already, but someone else already called dibs on the medium lilith (and i havent updated yet)

i wanna buy the plush morrigan from you i need it…id also buy the lilith one to

I’d like to buy:

Iori with bunny
Iori without bunny
Otome haruka
Plush Satsuki Kitaouji doll

And Chachamaru and Yue cards from Negima collection~