FS Anime

I have some anime for sale all in great shape i have pics if needed

ON HOLD Darker than Black 1 & 2
SOLD School Rumble First Season, 2nd semester(unopened), Extra Class
Gurren Lagann set 1
Dragon Ball Z Tree of Might
SOLD Full Metal Panic TSR complete
ON HOLD Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Operations 1-5

10$ each obo

Hey I’m interested in Full Metal Panic TSR and School Rumble first and second season.

For those who have not watched Gurren Lagann, you have been missing out your WHOLE LIFE! LITERALLY!!! SERIOUSLY!!


I would buy it but I have it all.

Is that the full season or is it one of those half seasons? Gurran Lagann that is. I’m interested in that and the school rumble package.

Gurran Lagann, is set 1, 2 discs with a total of 9 episodes…Damtik23 has first dibs on School rumble,


I’ll pass, those half seasons are rubbish :confused:

Is school rumble 10$ for everything or 10$ each piece? if it’s for everything, I’ll take it if he passes.

school rumble set, and fmp sold

darker than black and gundams on hold for rumble…

let me know if darker than black doesn’t go through