FS: Arcade games MVC2, SFA3, Jojo

Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3
CPS2 cartridge Jap green with USA Phoenix ROM
$150 USD/?112 EUR/101 GBP

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Naomi cartridge
$200 USD/?150 EUR/134 GBP

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
CPS3 Japan kit (cart, motherboard, drive)
$125 USD/?94 EUR/84 GBP

It is assumed any prospective buyer already has the necessary hardware and knowledge on how to operate these games. I can probably answer most questions directly related to the games but cannot help you source parts or troubleshoot your cabinets/superguns, sorry.

Prices include worldwide shipping with full insurance with tracking, payments through PayPal. If you think pricing seems unreasonable I’m always open for negotiations. Not really looking for trades at this time though as I am attempting to fund the purchase of something else (a high-end espresso machine!).

Bump. Prices lowered, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure added.

Bump. Hokuto No Ken sold, Jojo2 price lowered. If you still think my pricing is too tall feel free to make me an offer.

Bump. Prices lowered, more games added.

I’ve never messed with a PGM before though they have interested in me. Is it a JAMMA setup or does it require a kick harness or anything like that?

How do you do this Mayhem, why do you tempt me every so often with these things!

I still regret not getting Arcana heart from you, when I had a chance, but I have no space to put it :(.

One day, when I have space, I need to hit you up.

Bump for a good seller, and where the heck does he keep getting these things, especially in Sweden of all places!

It is JAMMA, with the fourth button wired to the pin next to button three like NeoGeo.

Martial Masters now gone. The rest appears to be unsellable… If it’s too expensive, make me an offer! These have to go! :blush:

Has the suicide battery been changed on Jojo’s?

No, I haven’t had the battery changed. Board was bought from Japan maybe 2 years ago but I have no idea if or when any previous owner had it changed. Hence why the price is so low.

And if the price doesn’t seem low to you, know that shipping costs (which are included) account for more than half of the price. Were I to lower it much more I may as well throw the stuff away, though should the buyer forfeit insurance price could be cut somewhat…

One more thing, does JJBA require a kick harness, as the game is only 4 buttons?

It does. Probably because it was designed to be swapped straight into a Street Fighter cabinet, with the attacks on the upper row and Stand on the bottom left. Kick harness is obviously the same as for all other CPS3 and CPS2 titles though with only button 4 used so if you have one of those you are good to go. Or if you really wanted to swap it straight into a cabinet wired for NeoGeo it should be easy enough to solder two wires bridging the kick harness connector and the JAMMA edge.