I have a lot of sticks so its time to let go of one.
Its triple modded for ps3, 360 and ps2.
Full sanwa parts.
Located in the bay area, CA so local pickup is always welcome.
I will ship in the usa only, and shipping will be around 5-10$ depending on where its sent.
looking for 190$

folks no need to report this guy even though I shouldn’t be doing this. I told him if he got at least 45 I’d consider not purging his thread, now he’s like 4 away so might as well let him go. (3 of his threads already got deleted)

bump price lowered


from here on out, price drop each bump you make (rules)

bump lowered price

bump lowered price

Since you keep lowering the price by a dollar, I’ll give you $50 for this stick, shipped. Deal?

That’s kind of funny but no thanks. If you’re not trying to be funny then no thanks anyway. I lower a dollar because rules state that I have to lower each bump I make.

…by 5%. read the rules.

lol my bad. Thanks for your help, i’ll lower it 5% next.




190 is very reasonable. Let me try to sell 2 sticks and hit you up.

do you still have this?


ok ive been telling people about it. I <3 AIAB :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s a nice looking AiaB. Are the start/select/system buttons on the front of the stick?

sides for start/select etc and front for system switch.