FS: Arcade Stick Bags

This all started when I asked my wife to make me some sort of slip-cover for my TE stick to keep dust from collecting on it when not in use. I also wanted something I could just slip over my stick to keep it protected if I threw it in my backpack or suitcase. She pulled out the sewing machine and this is what she came up with.

  • These are heavy cotton and double-stitched at the corners with a softer inside lining
  • velcro at opening
  • Fit TEs and HRAPs perfectly, but custom sizes are available
  • Prices include shipping within 48 US states



**$19 **Grey/Black/Red/Orange with Black Inner Lining


$19 Gold/Black with Black Inner Lining (sorry for the bad pics, better shot of fabric below this image)


Detail of Gold/Black fabric, plus 2 others in the works:


I’d buy one honestly. Also I"m sure if it can fit a TE it can fit an HRAP.

Good luck man!:tup:

i’d be interested just needs more options.

Such as?

I’d just like specifics on what kinds of color patterns and designs are available. Otherwise looks great to me. people just like every bit of customization option they can get…I mean, look at the arcade sticks on this site.

for example: can I get my name on it? can I rep my main on it somehow? etc.

I would be interested.
Be sure to let us know when/if you’re going to get this going.

I am very Interested in this. I have so many sticks and not enough bags LOL

this is awesome. will buy a few

We’ll post more info on options soon, but this gives us a good idea of pricing and interest. She can probably only complete 1 every other day, so we wouldn’t want to take more than 2-3 orders at a time for the sake of not getting too far ahead of ourselves. They would have about a 1 week turn-around from order date to shipping.

More info to come. Thanks for all of your input (and keep it coming).

I’m not even interested (I own a SE) but everyone’s price range on this low. THESE ARE CUSTOM MADE YA’LL.

I think that adding a neoprene lining or some sort of cusioning/padding would definitely be more enticing. I’d be concerned with my stick getting dents or scratches while in transit. The custom colors are cool and the quality of the stitch seems good.

I believe the OP mentioned that custom sizes are available as well

I’ll look into this. We might just stitch it right in between the layers…

Yes. We can make a bag for your SE or your HSS-0130 if you like

Thanks for the comment, but I also understand that the price has to stay as low as possible for these to be enticing. We’re looking into how we can keep both the cost and “manufacturing” time down as much as possible.

I like it, I like it a lot, and want to use my TE for a pillow… the tiger pattern looks awesome

Ooo would definitely be interested in something like this!

this is a great idea! XD

man i bet you could get some really cool patterns going

A good idea could be to have an option to have a strap added. Just a regular bag strap sewn onto the side so it could be used like a messenger bag. Just something to hold your stick instead of using your backpack or holding it on your side. I think it would kinda look weird if you were just to hold it around with the bag itself. Kind of like you brought your pillow to a tournament. I could be wrong though, it could just look like your’e carrying around one of those big tote bags.

I like them But I would want a shoulder strap and some security that it can support the weight of the stick.
How about another pouch inside to hold extra buttons and small tools.