FS: arcade sticks and more

HORI T5(us), seimitsu Buttons and stick**(SOLD)**

SFAC arcade stick, Happ convex buttons and competition stick**(SOLD)**

(Slightly damage in the cord I don’t know if can be fix)

Sega Genesis Nomad with AC adapter

$60.00 shipped


You don’t need to bump after 3 hours man.

well, i just did it cause I update it with the pics.

Or best offer?

I might be interested in that T5/Seimitsu stick

Gimme a bit to think on it.

is the sfac still functional?


Hey Antonio, You’re selling that SFAC stick? How bad is the damage in the cord and what are you asking if it isn’t shipped (I can pick it up). Also, what parts are in it?

Also, any interest in selling your Namco stick? :curious:

I don’t know about the namco stick bro, but I think the cord can be fix with some tape, and 4 the parts, they are all HAPP competition.

PM sent.

I figured you wouldn’t let the Namco stick go.

I found the AC for the Sega Nomad. so if anyone interested.