FS: Assorted Sticks (Hori/Namco)

I have three used sticks I’m wanting to sell. HeartNana gave them to me to fix which I did. I’ve made a deal to make a custom stick for him in exchange for them. I’ve repaired and tested them all and they work fine. Prices don’t include shipping ($10). If you want multiple items I’ll combine shipping costs. I accept paypal only (dexterweatherly@earthlink.net). Here they are with the details:

**SC2 Hori: SOLD
“A” button wasn’t working. Soldering came loose so I resoldered it. Works great now.

T4 Hori: SOLD
Circuit board was shot so I replaced it with a hacked PS1 PCB. Also works great. As a side note, I think this stick is the best feeling stick I’ve ever played on. Better even than a Sanwa, but thats just my opinion.

Namco Stick: SOLD
Nothing wrong with this. I think he gave me a wrong one by mistake. :lovin: Seriously, I’ve tested this for about 4 hours and its a great stick. **

There are some stickers on the bottom of the SC2 and T4 sticks and marker on the bottom of the Namco, but you could always remove these.

Here’s some more pictures.

Great deal on the Namco stick…seriously great deal. Normally, I’d be a jerk and buy it just to resell it later, but I think someone who really wants it should get it for this price.


These will go quick!

Dibs on the Namco, I’ll send the money tonight or tommorow morning.

I know they’re priced low. Hopefully they make it into the hands of someone who will use them. Honestly, I need the cash so I’d like to get rid of them ASAP. And I’ve got like 8 sticks in my room right now. They’re crowding me out. :looney:

damn i want namco lol dibs if sergio doesnt buy it but he prob will

dammit i wanted the namco >_<

ugh i need to refresh these boards more :frowning: I always miss good deals like this >.<

You guys are making me feel bad :frowning:

PM sent by the way.

Haha, hang your head in shame… :smiley:

And I always like ur AVs shoo. Especially the the homer one. ^^


$20 for the Namco stick?

WTF I paid $90!



Is the SCII still up for grabs?

nice prices :o

Off topic but why is the namco stick so desperately sought?

It’s a fucking amazing stick… and I DO believe that it’s hori produced… but I could be mixing it with the agetec green goblin DC stick.

anyways, yeah, I sold a Namco stick here, modded with Sanwa parts for $90 + shipping, and a yellow Namco here for $65 + shipping. I bought the modded namco for $70 off of shodokan 123

You gave the greatest deal in the world on that stick. You could have easily gotten $50+

The other two are worth about $20 each though. I don’t know how well they sell, so I don’t know how quickly you’ll get $30

The namco… shit, i’d give you $50 for it… :frowning:

Yes, still available. I myself prefer the Hori’s over the Namco stick but thats just me.

dude, i’d give you $50 for that namco stick.

SC2 Hori MINE!

PM sent

And had I realized that I would have surely charged you that :lovin:

Guess I didn’t realize the Namco sticks were this popular. I don’t care to much for them myself. At any rate, Sergio’s getting a good deal so I hope he enjoys it.

you son of a BITCH!

:annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy:

You can still take the T4 hori.