FS: Astro City - $200


For sale: Astro City. Dings on the cab itself, needs a new control panel and coinmech. Given the horror stories with shipping cabs I’ve heard, I will not ship it unless someone can pick it up. Good news is that it’s at a storage locker that’s also a UHAUL. I live in the Las Vegas, NV area.

I’m sad to see it go, but I’m out of ROOM. I can’t work on it like I hoped.

Also, this will be posted elsewhere so it may be sold with out an offer being put up here.


Heya, I can’t come to vegas to pick it up, but would I be able to use United Van Lines, to ship it to Florida? Also any boards inside or just a cab, and pics if possible please.


Just cab, and I can get pics tomorrow.

I can throw in a SF2 CE, but no kick harness(it’s currently in another project somewhere else) for an extra 20 spot. UVL … is fine, but I’m wary about shipping it there. I don’t want it to show up at your door broken.


Me neither hehehe, Yea I got to check how much the shipping costs, my funds are completely locked right now, so if I can get it, it would be in a little while anyhow.

So if you get a firm offer take it, but I am definitely considering it, once it becomes feasible ;).


How much would it cost to get it shipped to SoCal. Wow, I wish you were closer since that is such a good deal. Im interested depending on how much it would cost.


200$…@#%%^@Q!! damn it living in mexico :stuck_out_tongue:


What a deal!


any pics?