FS: Audio Technica ATH-ES7 Black Ear Suit Headphones


Audio Technica ATH-ES7 Ear Suit Headphones Black.

Selling these bad boys. I wore them twice. Unfortunately, they look odd if you have a fat pumpkin head like me which is why I’m selling them. =\

They usually run for $100+ and are imported from Japan.

SOLD to Dj_Matrix.


I haven’t even removed the plastic protective film on the outside of the speakers, so they don’t have a scratch on them.



Price drop.

These gotta go! =)


NGBC on hold for Hexed.


NGBC sold to Hexed.
KOFXI is still available. $13 shipped.


Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS2 added.


do want


Both games on hold for draculid.


KOFXI & Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS2 SOLD to draculid.


Selling Audio Technica ATH-ES7 headphones!



<- Rocking out on my SR60’s and ATH-A700’s, but these are VERY good headphones, buy em while they’re hot people.


Damn, I’d buy these if I didn’t already have my Senn HD485’s. Hope it goes to a good home =)


say man will you take 75 for them? i got cash money…


i wish i would have seen these earlier. i just dropped 150 on another pair of headphones.

if by some chance you still have them in a few weeks i’ll grab em from you.


Dj_Matrix, check your pms.


On hold for Dj_Matrix.


Headphones sold to Dj_Matrix.