FS: Axis Gaming Custom Happ! (SOLD)

For Sale: **Slightly Used American Style PS2 Arcade Stick
**There is nothing wrong with this stick, it’s just been used a little and has some minor scuffs, nothing you could see unless you went looking for it.
We just need the space around the shop, so help us free it up!
Parts were replaced last week and are BRAND NEW!
Price: **$95 (this week only!) :rock:

[COLOR=White]-6x Happ Competition Buttons
-1x Happ Competition Joystick
-2x Seimetsu 24mm Buttons (on top for start select, see pic #2)
-MDF body with “Hand Hammered Blue Metal” finish
-Hacked PSX pad for use with PSX or PS2

If you are interested PM me or E-Mail us at: AxisCustoms@hotmail.com
Orders will be first come first serve
Paypal only
-Travis :: Axis Gaming


somebody jump on this! its a great deal and is a solid looking stick.

Agreed, I love that hammered paint job. I’m really digging this and your Sagat stick!

What is a MDF body?

I assume this doesn’t have a pcb or does it?

It does…its fully wired and ready to go!