FS: Axis Gaming Custom PS2 Stick

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Awesome stick, but hot dang, its pricey.

ill trade in my current axis stick for it :wink:

Axis, that is one freaking awesome looking stick. Great work.

225.00 wow

Awesome stick Axis. I am working on an African Padauk stick now myself, and I hope it comes out looking half as good as yours…your stick is DEFINITELY worth every penny and probably more…if cats don’t like the price then move on…no reason to come in the thread and cast doubt in the mind of a potential buyer, and make him/her think they’re getting ripped off…I’m sure you’ll get what you’re asking for it Axis, again its worth it!

Update, if you buy this week I’ll knock off $5 and throw in free shipping to anywhere mainland USA. (expires 12 midnight on Sunday June 8th!)