FS: B15 Captain America stick


I have for sale a never used B15 stick including the following parts:

Sanwa Jlf
Seimitsu KN’s
Paewang pcb

$450 shipped


Damn…i really wish i had the cash for this masterpiece…good luck with the sale bro.


OMG, that ball-top’s hella nice to match with the theme! GLWS!


I can see why you didn’t use it. belong in a museum or something lol:eek:


wow that is beautiful!


Looks Amazing. Tempted but I don’t use Capt America


$425 shipped


Will trade for 360 VLX


pm’d for vlx trade…




Sent you an email about a trade. Hit me back.



Traded to dirtysanchez :slight_smile:


Damn, I would of traded my VLX which is cleanly modded with the VLX Kitty and RJ45 adapter. I guess I was too late. Nice stick though.


I have to say, I actually saw it in person at BigTwo this Wednesday that just past at Next Level and by all of the charging stars in the universe, this stick was the most charging of them all.


were you the one that asked me about it??


Yeah that was me. Sorry if I caught you at a bad time that day as I know you had just finished playing your SSFIV match.


lol its cool bro no worries.


Do you still have this?


Nvm sorry