FS: Barebones Dual Modded T5 AND HRAP 3 system

Alright, guys… I got two this time

All of you computer heads probably know the term “barebones” already, but for those who do not… A barebones system is a system that has all the main parts of the device inside and all hooked / wired up. Then all you would have to do is add everything else.


So what I am offering is a T5 case AND an HRAP 3 case that are all wired up and ready to use. All you have to do is add buttons and the joystick of your choice and you have a fully functioning dual modded joystick. Both come with new joystick wiring harnesses so all you would have to do is mount the stick and plug it in. Simple as that. They have qd’s for the buttons and are all labeled so all you would have to do is drop your choice of buttons in and put the qd’s on. I figure this might be good because you can then add whatever color scheme you want. They are both six button layouts only. I have a T5 top panel and an hrap 3 top panel. Either panel will fit on either system, so it’s first comes first serve. If you take the HRAP 3 panel, I will give the turbo panel, but of course it will not work. Pictures of Top Panels…



First the T5… [SOLD!]

This is the double cord, dual mod. This joystick will work with ps1, ps2, ps3 (with a converter), xbox360 and pc. The case is in very good shape. A few light scratches here and there, but nothing deep or serious. Hole drilled for the guide button and the wiring for that will be sticking out (see picture), so you will not have to unscrew the bottom unless you are using a screw in button. With a snap in you can put on the qd’s and insert the button. The pcb’s used are a PS2 psb (T5) and a hacked 360 pcb from a Mad Catz 4716 controller. Both cords are wrapped in spiral wrap so you will never have to deal with the cables being apart. Lock washer mod done, so you will be able to remove the top panel from the top with any standard flat head screw driver. Pictures…




Asking price $105.00 shipped!

Next the HRAP 3 Case [SOLD!]

This is a single cord dual mode using a Neutric USB pass through. So you can buy whatever color cord you want, and long as you want and you can detach it for a cleaner look. This barebones system will work for ps3, xbox360 and pc. The case is painted white as well as the pass through itself. Clear coat on top of the white paint also. The case was in pretty bad shape when I first got it, but I sanded it down and painted it best I could I’d say it is in good condition. Not perfect, but not bad and it does not have many scratches on it since it was just painted. This mod uses a cthulhu board, a hacked 360 pcb from a Mad Catz 4716 controller and an IMP switch. There are 2 holes for the start and select buttons that will fit 24mm buttons. ONLY A SNAP IN 24MM BUTTON SHOULD BE USED FOR SELECT!!! You will be able to get away with putting a screw in in the Start button hole, but there will not be enough room for a screw in for the select button. The qd’s for the Start and Select buttons will be sticking out (see pictures). Everything is wired so that hitting the Start and Select buttons at the same time will bring up the Home menu for ps3 and when plugged into the 360, it will bring up the Guide menu. The default pcb will be the 360 pcb. To use on ps3, just turn the ps3 on, hold start and select at the same time, and plug in the usb cable into the ps3. Viola! That easy. Lock washer mod done, so you will be able to remove the top panel from the top with any standard flat head screw driver.Pictures…




Asking price $120.00 shipped!

Here’s a preview of how your joystick can look!


The work doesn’t look pretty but, I guarantee my work on arrival. You add the missing pieces and everything will work. Any questions, fire away. I know this is a little different what is normally on here so I am ready for any questions.

I think thats a fair price. I would totally pick two up if I didn’t just finish modding both of my T5’s. At that price, i’m sure you will get quite a few orders…

I’d be interested in this as well. Would really like to get my hands on one.

I’d like to get ahold of one as long as the cases are pretty well mint.

I am kinda good at restoring cases actually. I have taken scratched up cases, sanded them down and repainted them and they came out well. I would never send out cases with heavy damage on them…

Maybe I will work on one, see how it sells and go from there. Again, the price may vary depending on the type of dual mod it is and what parts are in them, but I dont see the price leaving the $90 - $120 range. Shipping will be seperate though.

Will single USB dual mods or ps2 + 360 with double cables be better? I personally like ps2 + 360 double cables because its cheaper and it gives more options, but everyone isn’t me. LOL

Let me know guys. I appreicate the input.

why not offer both options? unless you are trying to build up stock for quick delivery…

Sounds good dude. I can’t count the number of times I’ve found myself with an extra JLF and some buttons with no home.

For what it’s worth, I prefer the single-cable USB personally, but that’s because I’m OCD about my cables :stuck_out_tongue:

Well right now, I can probably get my hands on 3 cases maybe. I have the parts to make two double cord dual mods and half the parts for one single USB dual mod which can also included a Neutrik USB pass through so it could be detached. If these start selling then I will start to stock pile I guess. Then I will have both options readily available most times.

I also found this spiral wrap that will go around dual cables and make it look very neat. It’s also very flexible so the cords can still be wrapped up the same way as if it was a single cord. That way you would never have to deal with both cables separately. They would never be a part.


Here is the wrap I was talking about.

Here’s how it looks on the double cord.

Here’s some of the stuff I have done for myself and friends.

This is one of the cases I restored. It was heavily scratched.






Painted by me :slight_smile:


Dual Modded TE


Bumpage…, lets see how it goes…

This is sold. I am working on two others. One just like this one that I just sold and one using a cthulhu board, a hacked 360 pad and a Neutric USB passthrough so you can have a detachable USB cable. When they are complete, I will post here. Thanks a lot!

Definitely keep me informed, my friend has been looking for an affordable dual modded stick for the PS3/360. :slight_smile:

Hey dude! Do you still have the HRAP3’s main PCB? What about the 2nd smaller PCB that fit under the turbo window?

Definetly keep us updated please :slight_smile:

deadfrog - I have an hrap 3 pcb without the output cable, but I am not sur if it works or not to be honest.

With having a detachable cable, would people prefer at dpdt switch over an IMP? It seems like a lot to plug in a cable into the console & the stick, & still having to maybe hold down a button to select the console you are using. What do you guys think?

Bump for new available systems…

Price droppage.

quick question will the plexi top come with case?

There is no plexi for me to send with these. Just the top metal panel of your choice.

White case with HRAP 3 top panel on hold.