FS: Battle Royale 1 - 15 complete $100 + Shipping


I have books 1 through 15 for sale as a single lot of this great manga. The books are all in good condition with many in very good if not like new. I want $15 shipped in the states and am willing to ship overseas but ask that you pay exact cost of shipping. Pay via Paypal gift and I will ship for $110 in the states. I will provide pictures to a serious buyer if requested. This is exactly what I paid about a year ago and would love to pass this series on to someone that can enjoy it as much as I did. :cool:


Bump :frowning:


Aw man, I would totally jump on this if I had the cash. Good luck with the sale!


This was a good read, good buy for whoever’s interested in copping it. I recommend the novel too.


Final bump before I let this die for now. Thought this would be right up shoryuken’s alley. I also have a 4slot neogeo with 10 carts I’m going to let go soon from a Mame conversion. I’m not a huge manga fan but this is a great series that you can be proud to have on your shelf.