FS: Bear Ryoma's Used T5 Hori Stick in 3 days 40 CDN Shipped

I am looking to sell my T5 Hori Stick within 3 days because I have found something more suitable for my needs. The T5 Hori comes with the box it was originally in and whatnot(The Tekken 5 Anniversary Box). This is the only thing you will be getting from this. No game, special edition case, or DVD set included. I have thrown on a time limit on selling it because I’ll put it on EBAY if I get no suitable hits here. I came to SRK first because you guys are my boys.

Still thinking about the price(40 CDN shipped?). It’ll be that price with the shipping*.

*Note I have to readjust that to fit the need of the shipping costs. Don’t think carrier donkeys can deliver this prized and common possession.

does it have all stock parts in it? i might be interested.

thats a killer price, someone pick this up

sent pm, also live in toronto can schedule a meet up and save shipping? =p