FS: Big Pocket's Remy Jacket

Remy Jacket

I made this jacket some odd Halloweens ago. It is made out of vinyl and has no lining. The chest size is 38" and tapers down to 35" at the bottom. Both sleeves have zippers and there is only one functioning snap at the top, the other is there for looks. I wouldn’t recommend buying this for day to day wear as it is a costume piece. Being vinyl, it gets hot after a short while. But, in true Remy fashion, you can always unzip it, strike a pose, and shake your long aqua hair about…then mutter something about pain being a cheap substitute for a vitality gauge.
Price: $40 shipped







You should measure yourself if you are thinking about buying it. It was a tight fit for me at the time. Just make sure you aren’t bigger than 38" around your chest and your gut isn’t bigger than 35" and the rest should fit just fine.

Shipping info at bottom.

Prices include shipping anywhere in the 48 contiguous states (USPS Priority). I am willing to ship internationally but, the price will be adjusted for the larger shipping costs. I only accept paypal and will ship the item once the money is cleared (2-3 business days).
Sales are on a first come first serve basis.
If you are interested please E-mail me at BigPockets at Inbox dot com.
No PMs please.

Thank you,
Jesse “Big Pockets”

Me too. That’s pretty awesome how it’s been set up (one with sanwa parts, the other with seimetsu). Great idea.

my god those sticks are beautiful.

I second this O_O

Really like those cases.

I would like to buy the Ghost of Starman one, I am a single person so I would not have a need for both.

Wow, those are so cool! I wish I could afford it :frowning:

How does the ls-40 play? Haven’t seen anyone else build a stick up with one of those.

Those are truly some of the most beautiful sticks I’ve seen, ever…

After doing a side by side comparison between the LS-40 and the LS-32 I can say they are pretty much the same. Any differences between the two are so subtle that I can’t consciously pinpoint what they are. Over time it may become more apparent.

I’ve given up on selling these as a pair.
They may now be purchased individually!
Price info at the top.

Awesome work Big Pockets, must agree with you that Earthbound was an excellent RPG for the SNES but I was allways a fan of Chrono Trigger.

If I had the money, I’d totally pick up both, but seeing as I’m broke. I must pass this great deal up.

Did you build those?

Sexy as hell…

Sorry to be another one of these posts, but for the work that you must have put in and the attention to detail in those, 175$ is a great price. Someone buy these sticks.

You may want to raise the price $15 to $190 or $200 each. Those sticks are immaculate. :tup:

post in the DTX Thread in the Southwest Forums! we need new players!

Tell me these things sold for the price you had listed. Amazing attention to detail. If they were Xbox 360 I’d have purchased in a second. These things are beautiful. I prefer the Blue one over the Red but they are equally well built.

Those sticks are really beautiful. I’m a huge earthbound fan, and if I had the cash I would be buying those asap.

Whomever buys those is a lucky son of a bitch (and should never meet me because I will rob them for their sticks)

Bumped for new stick. First post has been edited. Check it out!

Wow, very cool.