FS: Blank box (aka Toronto boxes)

Got a new, untouched blank stick box for sale. Has been already primered (white) and ready for paint. Selling because I have too many things in the house now. Price is $75 USD and shipping will be $19 via Priority Mail or $13 via Parcel Post in the domestic U.S.A. International shipping will be more, so please PM for costs. I am selling the box for what I paid for. Nothing more or less. Payment will be made by PayPal and I ship to confirmed addresses only. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks.
Same box as these, made by sillypuddy.



Nobody is interested in this blank stick box?

Where in Cali are you located?

so theres no plexi for it? u have a pic of the blank insides?

I am located in Northern California (Bay Area).

The plexi is the on top of the box with the blue protective sheet still on it. The bottom is mdf. I can take pics of the inside tonight if you’re still interested.

hmmm i’m interested cause of the layout.

Stick on hold pending payment.

Deal fell through. Box is still available!

Anybody else?

Nobody wants a nice stick box? Offers?

I got 2 of these. Anybody interested? I need to pay some bills thus the sale. :frowning: