FS: Blast City in California

Machine is in very good cosmetic shape.

Naomi/JVS, CPS2/3 and Jamma ready.
Nanao MS9-29SU monitor is in excellent shape, no noticeable burn in. ($300)
Stereo Audio Amp.
3 way speaker system.
New upper control panel surround ($150)
Blast City panel with Sanwa RG buttons and JLF sticks.
Rotatable monitor.
New Side Art. ($160 NOS)
No cracks or serious damage anywhere (Marque is in very nice shapre).
99% complete with all parts, missing 1 or 2 screws.

Asking $985 obo. Hard up for cash at the moment, but this is a very fair deal as the last one that sold here in CA had no powersupply and was in far worse shape and it went for $900.

I have several positive feedback here, neo-geo.com and shmups.com




what part of ca you in?

San Fran Bay Area

Damn, I’d sure like this thing, but the $$ = hard to come by these days. Someone’s gonna get a nice new toy.

wow, if you were just closer to VA, I would have snagged this.


Describe the missing “screws.” Also, would this be eligible for freight pick up?

One of the screws is between where the 2 main parts of the cabinet meet. Could find a replacement, just never bothered since it makes no difference in reference to the sturdiness of the cab.

If you are serious about getting this freighted, that’s fine with me, you pay for pickup from my house by freight company and assume all liability.