FS: Blazblue Le xbox 360 (so-cal)

Selling my copy of blazblue limited edition for xbox 360 I’ve had it for a 1 week now but my xbox broke. Also comes with with soundtrack and dvd still sealed. Asking $45 shipped anywhere in the U.S will take paypal. Also if you wanna pick up local I’ll do $40

New price. Someone has to want this :slight_smile:

I did, but I bought it literally 1 hour before you first posted :(. Someone pick this up!

Oh shit, sorry to hear your 360 broke! I’ll buy it off you if it’s still available, wanna meet up at super again?

Yea well its about time my 360 broke I’ve had it for 4 yrs already with no ring of death till now. Time for a hdmi 360 lol. Yea when do you wanna meet up lemme know.

4 Years is a good run, hopefully the new ones with the falcon/jasper setup will last even longer. Friday work for you? I can do early afternoon, can’t do night or morning on friday