FS- Brand new AIAB w/P360 & HRAP SA2

Two brand new items for sale, just collecting dust, and i already have over a dozen arcade sticks. no mo room in my hawz :bgrin:

Arcade In A Box with a perfect 360
all black
competition buttons
shitt looks nice $150 +shipping

Hrap SA2 (one with those blue buttons)
again fockin brand new straight from japan
looking at $150 also

also maybe willing to do somekind of trade if you got some amazing items that would impress me. (computer shitt, exotic pron, college porn, uh mo pron :bgrin:)

whatevers just get at me if interested, pm-ing is best

Yes, pics would be excellent. Both for PS2?

SA for ps2

AIAB for xbox 360 with perfect 360 joystick

sorry i don’t have pics as of now, the SA is still brand new in sealed box.

pics imo

well looks like someone gonna drop around 600 GB of vids for the HRAP SA2! :bgrin:

still got the AIAB brand new up fo grabs

o.O 600 gb of pron?

i’d would have to say for around 600 GB of vids i could let the Brand New AIAB go!

but first it just cain’t be stuff i already have though

no pics?

PM sent.

bumpity bump,

Hrap gone! went for bunch of pron

got the AIAB brand new w/ perfect 360 for xbox 360, can do a pron trade

wad up :bgrin:

I’m going to multiply the echo for pics of the AIAB.