FS: Brand New Fully Modded HRAP2


I just received a HRAP2 and took it right out of the box to mod. The HRAP has 6x OBSN-30, 2x OBSF-20 (used for the 2 buttons next to the stick, mounting plate gets in the way of screw-on nut), 2 OBSF-24 buttons in blue, and a Blue Sanwa LB-35 Ball top. This stick is brand new with brand new parts ready to be used. Went straight back into bag and back into box after mod was finished.

Price: $150 + shipping














wow i just realized i never set the date on my camera… lol. Don’t be fooled O_O these pics were taken yesterday (May 16th, 2007) and the stick was received and modded yesterday as well.

EDIT: Also if anyone wants to buy the replaced hori buttons (8x 30mm and 2x 24 mm) let me know. I can mail them out for like $10 shipped.


Can those buttons fit into a DC agetec stick? If so, are they a lot better than the stock ones? (I assume so)

I’m also looking for a good sanwa that can fit into a DC Agetec if you’ve got one…


Pretty sure you need to file the holes wider to fit the hori buttons into the agetec since the hori and sanwa buttons are both 30mm and the hole in the agetec are too small to put sanwas in without modification. As for it being better, i really dont know.


just wondering, how much would this be shipped to canada?


not sure, i need the info to check on www.usps.com


what info would you need?


Just checked, it would be $25 to ship to Canada via Priority Mail.