FS: Brand new Hitbox

For sale is a brand new hitbox. Used for one night and decided its not for me. Ive been playing stick for 20+ years and I guess I always will be.

$175 shipped

price negotiable/would you accept trades for it?

Maybe. What do you have?

pm’d you about it

Still fs. O.B.O.

is it ps3/pc or 360/ps3/pc?


Buy me. No need to wait for your turn on the list!


What’s the lowest you’d go on the hitbox?

Didnt recieve your pm

my pm?

He’s talking to me. Tapatalk isn’t sending messages at the moment for me. I will pass on the hitbox for now.

$185 shipped to Australia?

You might want to offer more. Shipping to Australia ain’t cheap

$175 shipped to usa

I’m interested, how would you like me to get in contact to discuss the details quickly?

Pm me