FS: Brand New HRAP3s


Hey guys, I have HRAP3s for sale. These are nice and new. Currently I have 1 in stock. I will get at least one more shipment of them.

Price is $130 shipped (Over $10 cheaper than Play-Asia which is out of stock) within the US. PayPal preferred but other payment methods would be acceptable. PM me if you want one!

Pics (click to enlarge)




Also in the future I will have HRAP3 SA for sale, but since they don’t come out until June, I won’t know a pricing for them yet. If there is a certain retail stick that you want, feel free to ask me about it. Right now, I know I can get some VSHGs and some DOA4 sticks.


Can you get me an HRAP2?

you got a PM

Unfortunately, HRAP2s have been out of stock from my supplier for a long time. Hori has already said twice that they were doing a “last” run so they might do another run of them. I remember the website saying that they were a few months ago.

At that time your best bet is probably go buy from Harry at VGO. I’m only selling these HRAP3s because I know people want them but finding stock is hard. Once there is stock, I will stop selling because I can’t provide competitive pricing against VGO.


Are you shipping outside of the US?

Possible to ship to the UK?

Forster sent you a PM.

First one already sold. 3 left.


Can you ship internationally?? Chile in my case

I saw this coming paik, sooner or later after helping out per and all. (though it may not be related) Good job. And out of curiosity, how much for a new doa4 stick? hopefully no more than $75

Hey Paik. If you still have one on Friday then I’ll grab one. Have to wait for paycheck.

Sorry, these are Brand New Japanese ones. The very cheapest I could do is $100 shipped.

Okay : )


id like to purchase one, can you pm me with purchase info? thanks

I was interested in purchasing one. Do you still have more in stock? If so, please reply or PM me :slight_smile:

You Paik, if people offer to buy before I get back to you then go for it. I can always wait for next shipment you have.

PM sent.

PM sent.

If moonsault and popo187 buy one each, then I will have one left Supra. Don’t worry though my next order should be in early next week. That will probably be my last batch though.


payment sent

Got it! Now only 2 left until my next and most likely final shipment of HRAP3s.


Hold one for me, trying to AIM you

Okay, so there is only one left from this shipment. There are a few people saying that they are sending payment but no one has stepped up. First one to pay gets it.

All other sticks have been shipped.


Last stick has been sold for now.


They do not have them at Fry’s…there is a difference between the Hori Fighting Stick 3 and the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3. The former is actually sold at US retailers like EBGames and Gamestop, etc. The latter was never released in the US.