FS: Brand New Logitech G500 mouse

Hey, just wanted to throw this up here. Its a brand new Logitech G500 in box.

Its basically the new version of the Logitech G5 which I’m sure alot of people here use for computer gaming. Anyway, I already have a G5 so I’m selling the G500 I received. Looking for 65 bucks, usually sells for around 70. I would prefer local sale in the Cypress/Cerritos/OC area but I might be open to ship it, however you would have to pay for shipping. Need to sell this fast since im broke >_<, so if you want to buy it within a day from now, I’ll knock it down to 60. Thanks for your time. Only accepting Paypal.

edit knocking it down to $55. Can’t go any lower than that otherwise it would be unfair on my end. I’m surprised there hasnt been any posting… not many PC gamers on srk? =(

bumped for lower price. $55.