FS: Brand new Nintendo Neon sign

Brand new taking offers before ebay (able to be mounted on flat walls):



Haha, damn, nice.

OMG. Wow! Amazing find. Let me know if any of the offers fall through.

And any idea around how much you’re asking?

Where didja steal that from? :rofl:

heh yeah, nevermind :]

right now $100

was a manager at a videogame store… this was never used for display… brand new officially from nintendo.

FUCK THAT IS NICE! i would take it if it wasnt $100

wow that’s a nice nintendo sign, wish i had one of those hung up at the house somewhere.

He he if this sales at a decent price i might sell my PS2 NEON sign. You know, that pretty blue one?

BTW it looks like it says Nintenclo. :stuck_out_tongue: