FS: Brawl Pads, COD Declassified (Vita)

I have 2 WWE Brawl Pads for Xbox 360 still in the packaging that I bought last month to padhack but never got around to it…

I’m asking $20 shipped for each.

If you would like me to padhack them for you shoot me a pm.

(Pics are below)

I also have COD Black Ops: Declassified for the PS Vita for sale.

I got it with the Vita bundle but don’t intend on playing it… It’s still in the packaging, never been played.

Asking $25 shipped

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM or reply here.



that is a beast of a stick

Can you put up pics of the brawl pads?

Thanks ^^

It’s hard to let go of it… but not having an Xbox or PS3 there’s really no point to keep it.

Sure thing Kenshin,

I’m at work atm but I’ll take photos once I get home.

They haven’t been opened or anything so they look exactly like they would as if you were to see them in a store.

I’ll quote you so you can see when the pics go up.

Here ya go:

how difficult is it to change the artwork on the stick?

It’d be about as difficult as any other wooden custom.

You would:

  1. Unscrew the bottom plexi
  2. Disconnect the quick connects from the buttons
  3. Unscrew balltop
  4. Pull up top plexi
  5. Remove snap in buttons

At that point the artwork would be completely free to remove and replace.

You would just need to get a 6" x 9" photo printed, lay it over the stick, cut holes out and pop everything back in.


Stick is sold!

Thanks again for the quick transaction.

Brawl pads are still available, shoot me some offers!

im happy you got the stick sold, but i know you gonna miss it.

i sold a couple of sticks recently and i kind of regret it

where did you get case from?

Lol, I know I’m going to miss it for sure… but I’d rather have someone else enjoy it if it’s just going to sit on my media stand collecting dust =/

I had it custom made for me from a builder that is no longer on the forums here. I can’t even begin to explain how perfect of a size/weight it is… Got introduced to modding though him as well… Which brings me to my next point:

If you want the Brawlpads pad-hacked I can work something out for you. I need to check my supplies once I get off work today but I can throw out a quote for a padhacked PCB shipped to you once I figure out how much wire/solder/ect I have left.

Here’s an example of what it would look like (minus the IMP v.2 of course)

First post updated,

Price drop on brawl pads and added a PS Vita game

I’m interested in a brawlpad and even a padhack of it if you’re not afraid to ship to switzerland

how much extra for a padhack? that’s a much prettier job than i can do.

I want both brawl pads. I got $40.00 on PayPal pm me. Also I’m I so cal

Pm’d you