FS: Bricked PSP 1000 with 8gb card some games

As title says, it was modded now its just GG’d and I dont feel like dealing with it. 50 bucks and it’s all yours! (by bricked I mean its just black screened, easy fix if you know what you are doing I just don’t)

comes with 8gb card and ac adaptor as well. have some games lieng around like DR, KOF, Initial D, if anyone is interested in those I can post some prices or bundle everything.

can have pictures upon request, maybe have them up later

How much for the card?

What was the reason of the brick? I might be seriously interested if you’re willing to ship it outside the US.

Going to check with my brother and see if he’s interested.

Also, what type of condition is it in?


was this hard-modded, or soft-modded?

soft modded, it was playing a game and a load screen came up and now its just black screen. Power still comes on but it’s just black screen. Won’t ship out of US cus it’s so expensive sorry :frowning:

Won’t sell the card by itself.

Pending sale

If that sale doesn’t go thought I’ll take all aforementioned off of you for 50$~

showing screen has no cracks whatsoever, just bricked.

had family visiting over the weekend so I didnt get around to post these, sorry. Anyways its reopen, first to confirm gets it. THanks!

top it

Is the analog thumb pad missing?

still avail?

still available, and yes what you see is what you get (except the charger and 8gb card).

most recent buyer backed out, lots of interest, noone coming through.

40 shipped, if doesnt sell today it goes to ebayyyyyy

Any chance you’ll ship to Canada? It is more expensive but it isn’t as ridiculous as international shipping.

if you cover the difference then yeah, not for that price shipped

Just curious, what brand is the memory card?

it’s an actual sony memory stick pro duo 8gb

take a pic of it, dammit!

Lol, it looks like a Sony card. Someone should grab this, for $40, that’s an 8gb card by itself. Hell, if no one takes you up on it by my next paycheck, I may pm you.