FS: Broken Hori EX2 360 arcade stick

It just stopped working over time and now it won’t stay on.

You could use this for parts as the stick itself is in great shape or you could fix it and get a a cheap stick.

$25 + shipping (whatever it may be)

Where are you shipping it from? More specifically, how much to ship it to Winter Park Florida? I’m interested, but won’t have money for a couple days, but I will have it.


could explain more in detail what you mean by “now it wont stay on”

Keep up this great resource.

Keep up this great resource. ---- Bobby R. (Air Jordans).

Moving the cord would make the light turn on for a sec then turn off.

It got gradually worse over time. It could be an easy fix or you can use it as a base for a custom arcade stick.


If you still have the case and are interested in selling it, could you send me a PM with maybe a picture or two of the case?