FS: Bunch of games, GC Xbox, X360 SvC MOTM,

Snk Vs Capcom - Match Of The Millenium (NGPC) - $15.00

Game only, no case or manual. The game worked last time I played it (around 5 years ago). Just in case you’re wondering, My NGPC burned out so I have no way to test this game

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link (NES, Gold Cartridge) - $5.00

Game only, no case or manual. has some black on the cartridge due to the gold chipping away. Save battery doesn’t work. The game worked last time I played it (Lord knows how long ago). I no longer have an NES to test it on.

Sonic Gems Collection & Megaman X Collection Bundle (GC) - $20.00

Sonic Gems Collection comes complete with case and manual. The CD has one noticeable scratch. I havent played this game in years. Megaman X also comes complete with case and manual. The CD has a few CD Lens scratches but nothing bad. Note: The picture below is not an accurate representation of the CD condition. The flash makes it look as if it has a buttload of scratches, it doesn’t.


Counter Strike, Halo 2 & Halo 3 Bundle (Xbox & Xbox 360) $20.00 SOLD

Halo 2 is in good condition, It includes both case and manual, I must have played this game about 3 times at most. Halo 3 is in fair condition. It includes the Case, poster, XBL trial card and came. The case is cracked on the bottom. Counter Strike has a’lot of lens scratches. It includes the case and manual.




Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Gears of War & Forza Motorsport Bundle (Xbox 360) $25.00 SOLD

GRAW2 is in good condition and includes the case and manual. GOW includes the case and manual and has some noticeable scratches but works. FORZA inludes the case and manual and is in fair condition.


Shipping is $6.95. I accept Personal Checks and Money Orders.

Could you sell GRAW2 by itself (I already got the other 2)?

Sent you a PM.

Bump: Added Pictures.

Damn, why no paypal love?

I’ve heard too many paypal horror stories. I’d rather have the money in my account as opposed to an account belonging to paypal that can be freezed by them at any moment for whatever reason they want.