FS: Buttons /ddr2

These buttons came from a hrap asking 15$ shipped. Paypal, U.S.


DDR2 bundlefor x360: adult owned played twice by my wife. $50.00 shipped


More joystick related stuff coming soon.

if nobody steps up i can hack that psone pcb for you with .110 qds and jlf 5pin harness for those other controllers. i would cover shipping of hacked pcb back to you.

i just don’t have any psone pcbs to do a straight trade.

good deal though. :looney:

So let me get this straight, you want to trade all 4 controllers for only 1 prehacked ps1 pcb? If so, you got a deal, pick any one of the ones in here. They are all official SONY brand ps1 digital pad, the wire lengths are about 1.25’ and it will come with QD but not crimped on so you can cut to length the wire for a clean install.


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to ship until Friday since I’m going out of town for work for the next couple of days. Let me know, thanks!

Shit man, I’ll hook you up with whatever you need; thats a lotta controllers. Get a hold of me.

sorry guys akuma001 jumped on it first. there will be more to come though