FS: Buttons, Figurines, MAS Case, PCB, T5 Case

I just want to get rid of most of this stuff, so I’m really flexible when it comes to pricing.

Wired DS PCB $5

Tekken 5 Stick Case - $25 (Painted red, gutted and ready for art/parts/pcb)

More stuff mentioned in the title will be posted later. Prices don’t include shipping. Discounts on buying more than one thing.

Ill take the ds pcb if it can work in a stick. PM sent

Do you happen to have the T5 screws that are used to hold the joystick down? Cause I would like to buy those form you if you got them.

FallingEdge, don’t think I have them still but I’ll check.

Pics and prices updated.

PM sent.

hows 40 shipped for the red octane stick?

lemme know i have paypal and ill paypal you when your ready

Hey, my friend’s interested in the MAS case. He’s asking if you’re willing to sell it for $40.


I’ll do it for $45 shipped

Already have been offered more for it.

Hmm, he’s asking if $50 shipped is ok?

consider it sold.


what can be done with a DS pcb?

I’ll PM you

done. I’ll PM you my paypal

Dualshock PCB. My bad. I should have been more specfic, I totally forgot about the DS.

i might be interested in the pcb and the t5 stick… i will let you know soon

PM sent for those cell phone cleaners

Pm sent for the mai

ahhh dualshock…

haha, i really thought you had a nintendo DS PCB… and I was confused.

paper tiger, did you get my pm? or are the cell phone cleaners sold?

Mai Figure, MAS Case, Most Happ Buttons are sold.

Red octane case pending.

I’ll do the Red Octane Case for $45 shipped if deal falls through

All sold items shipped, list updated.