FS: Byrdo Custom Ryu Joystick (featured in wired magazine)

This is an original Byrdo custom joystick. I just bought it from another user, and it seems totally unused, but there is no pcb. I am selling it because I prefer a slightly different button layout.

It has a Sanwa JLF joystick and Seimitsu snap in buttons. A true piece of stick building history. asking 300$ OR BEST OFFER !



pics courtesy of byrdo’s website.

Paypal accepted.


sorry to ask but what does it mean that it doesn’t have a PCB? (pretty n00b to the arcade stick field). Thanks!

No PCB means you have to wire it yourself, it does not have the inner controller workings - just joystick and buttons. Not a prob for me

Pm Sent

Man If I missed this Byrdo by 20 minutes I am gonna be pissed.
I have always liked the Bamboo ryu
I hope K1ite does not want to wire up a stick

Heh I see thanks for the information. Well at this moment i’m not really into doing that so you shall be able to get the stick. Thanks!

Nope, 2 hours too late.

just kidding. Awesome stick.

Very sweet stuff. I’d personally probably try to get $200 or more off of ebay for that baby.


Ya, when I saw the price, I had to snatch it up

I know it has no PCB, but I want to use it with my AES and my MVS - they dont need a PCB, just wire it right to a DB15 and your set.

SVC Chaos here I come

Damn that’s one of my favorite Byrdo sticks. I’ve had the chance to play on a Byrdo with Happ parts and they are solid.