FS: Byrdo Stick, EVO monitor, fighting games [I'll be at AnimeExpo this Sat. Pickup available]


Super Street Fighter IV (360) - $10 shipped
Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) - $10 shipped
Tekken 6 (PS3) - $10 shipped
Virtua Fighter 5 Online (360) - $10 shipped

These games were adult owned. The Xbox 360 games were pretty much only opened so that I could install them in my system. I never got around to playing them since I was too cheap to get a Live account. The PS3 version of Super is essentially flawless since it was the only game I played and was kept in the system all the time.

EVO Monitor - ASUS VH236H with Ergotron Neo-Flex stand - $140 (only available for pickup at Anime Expo this weekend)

No dead pixels. Perfect condition. Added a Neo-Flex stand that allows raising, tilting, and rotating.

Byrdo Mini Maya stick - $150 shipped

I picked this up back in 2005 for $320. I had another Byrdo stick at the time so this one never got any playtime save for the hour or two I spent testing it out when I received it. It’s been sitting on display for the past 5/6 years. There are some minor imperfections here and there, but it is more or less how it was when I got it.

About the stick:

This is Byrdo’s smallest custom. The Sanwa stick uses a square gate and the Sanwa buttons are all 24mm (noticeably smaller than the buttons on the TE Stick). He built this stick with portability in mind.


original picture off of Byrdo’s site




damn that Byrdo looks amazing.

Free bump, good luck with the sale.

hey ill take that converter off of ya. ps2> xbox 360 converter


PM as well.

PM Sent.

saturn pad is very tempting…urge

your inbox is full. so im going to post here. payment sent!

that Byrdo joystick is tight! gl with your sale.

Payment sent for Saturn Action Replay

TVC stick GET, superb price too mang!

Update: Removed sold items, added a TE stick with a Seimitsu mod, and reduced the price of the Byrdo.

Updated: Added a PDP MVC3 pad and a modded TvC stick. Reduced some prices.

pm sent

Is the Brydo stick still available? And is there anything else wrong with it?

PM’d about TE Stick

PM’d about your TE.

Damn i’m like so late. If the two on top don’t get it, I call dibs.

update: the TE stick has already been sold.

Also, the button layout for the Byrdo stick is as follows -

Square Triangle R1
X Circle R2

It’s still available. It is as described up above.