FS: Camphor Burl custom Ps2/Ps3/Wii joystick


I have for sale my pride and joy. I have a kid on the way and could use some extra cash.

The case, dustwasher and ball top are made of camphor burl. It has a jlf, seimitsu 30mm on the face and seimitsu 24mm out back. The pcb is an mc cthulhu wired for ps2/ps3/wii. The wires are braided most of the way and have a special snap-lock cable tie at the end for easy wrap and storage.

Price is $325 shipped!!!

With the dustwasher and balltop

Size comparo


Wow…that is gorgeous. Free bump for a beautiful stick.


I really dig the braided cable.




thats 1 boss ass stick


That’s a very powerful stick there sir. Nice wood working!


Free bump that stick is crazy. On a side note let me know if your decide to ever sell the xbox Comic Con TE


ThanKs for the compliments guys!


WOW awesome stick dude!