Fs: Cap/snk Games All Consoles

I am selling the following games:

XBOX= CVS2 EO -$25
Metal Slug 3- $10

PS2= Metal Slug 4/5- $10
Lord of the Rings 2 towers & rotk - $10 for both

Dreamcast= Alpha 3 - $20
King of fighters 2002(import)- SOLD

GBA= Alpha 3 - $20
Super Turbo- $15

Playstation= Street Fighter Collection- $25
Alpha 3- $10
Metal Slug X- $10
Alpha 1 - $10
Mega Man 8 - $10

I also have a few unopened Dreamcast controllers(official & mad catz) and VMU’s if anyone is interested.

PS2, DC & XBOX games come complete with case and manuals, pm me about the others along with any other questions you have

add $3 Shipping in the USA, I will combine shipping on multiple purchases, paypal accepted, international buyers pm me

kof2k2 sold, anyone else?

I’ll take all your Dreamcast controllers (official) and VMU’s please.


I already worked out a deal with mintastic for the controllers, Though I still have some brand spanking new vmu’s which I could part with as long as you can revive the mighty GDT!

Oh come on, I’m actually going to use the damn controllers.

Totally unfair. I’ll take the VMU’s, but I guess I’ll buy the controllers off him.


lol i win faggot

what you guys do in private together is your own business, chibi: pay my entry at tga and ill bring some vmu’s for you. This is all out of the goodness of my heart and because I am a good person as well

Chibi, you need VMU’s? I have a couple in a box somewhere if you’re interested. I’ll PM you.

Edit: I think I have controllers too.

chibitch y’all