FS- Capcom arcade kits//arcade artwork, rare stuff

Time to get rid of some more stuff that doesnt get played that much. I hate to see alot of this stuff go as they are hard to find items (some of them) but I need to free up some room. All prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping. Prices are not really negotiable but you are welcome to make offers, trades will be considered as well. I will ship Internationally, in either case please ask for a shipping quote and I will get one to you. I strongly recommend using Priority Mail for domestic and EMS for international shipping, but it is ultimately up to you. These kits/boxes are fairly large and will be double boxed to protect the boxes themselves so if you want to have anything shipped using another service to save a little money that is fine but it is entirely your choice.

just added kit
-CPS2 JP Street Fighter Zero full kit ______200.00 SOLD
Box is dinged up a little bit but everything else is in great condition otherwise. Not sure when battery was last changed but I would be happy to put a new battery in the board before sending it out, just add 5.00 to the price listed. All of the artwork is unused and the board is in immaculate shape. This one has the original pop/monitor surround with SF zero hanger! pretty cool stuff.

-CPS2 Xmen-Children of the Atom (US) full kit_______ SOLD
Great condition full kit with harder to find CPS2 US box (like the JP ones). All of the sideart, monitor bezel and CP overlay are still in the box, pictures available if needed they are just a pain to get out. Both the A and B boards are matching with serial numbers to the box and are both in excellent condition. Board has been phoenixed.

-Capcom LED Storm full kit__________ 210.00
Really cool game and a true collectors item! Full kit includes sideart, manual, sticks, buttons, PCB feet, sideart, monitor bezel, marquee, Jamma harness and PCB and is all included. I have played the game all of 10 times probably and thats the extent of this games life so far.

Konami Martial Champion full conversion kit 45.00
Includes PCB, PCB box, feet, wiring (stereo?) harness, stickers, manual, marquee and a shit ton of cabinet art. Not the greatest game ever made, but cool none the less for what it is.

ADDED CAPCOM ARTWORK************************************
everything left below totals 135.00, will sell the remainder of the lot for 100.00 shipped within the US or 110.00 to the UK.

-JP Second Impact movelist (x2)_____ 15.00 SOLD
-US Third Strike movelist/manual________15.00 SOLD
-Capcom Control Panel overlay _______10.00
-JP Capcom vs. SNK movelist 5.00 SOLD
-PGM Demon Front movelist/DIP sheet______15.00
-US JoJo’s Venture manual/movelists (x2)
15.00 SOLD
-JP Giga Wing 2 movelist/manual________10.00
(manual is copied)
-3 random manuals (SF2, PGM, F3) 15.00
-JP Pocket Fighter movelist (x2)_______20.00
-JP Pop n’ Pop marquee/manual_______10.00
-JP Puzzle Bobble 2 movelist (x2), manual, marquee______15.00
(manual and marquee are copied)
-Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X movelist, mini marquee(x2), manual____25.00 SOLD
-JP Street Fighter Zero movelist (x2), mini marquee (x2)_____20.00
-JP D&D Tower of Doom movelist, mini marquee, manual_______15.00
manual looks to be copied
-JP Vampire Savior movelist, mimi marquee (x2), manual 25.00 PENDING
-JP Vampire Savior 2 movelist (x2), marquee, manual_______25.00 SOLD
-JP Vampire Savior 2 marquee ______ 5.00
-JP Warzard mini marquee _________5.00 SOLD

Thanks for looking and please ask questions if you have any and feel free contact me for more pictures and shipping quotes.

yos! wow so much stuff!

ill take the
"-JP Capcom vs. SNK movelist"
if it hasnt been sold yet.

WTF COTA? Why haven’t we played any COTA? I cry foul.

Whatever insom wants, I will offer you $1 more than whatever he offers.

COTA sold already D:

Do you Phoenix boards or you bought it like that?

I dont phoenix them myself no, I just sent it off to a friend to do for me after the board showed up with one of the battery terminal legs hanging off the PCB…

COTA is more pending but I am pretty sure the guy will be buying it, if it falls through I can certainly let you know.

Oh and Oni, charles offered to buy everything for 2,000.00!! Wow what a nice guy huh? So… 2,001.00 then? hhaha.

price drops on alot of stuff

will accept trades and entertain reasonable offers.

price drops and some things left, going to flea-bay at weekends end.