FS: Castlevania LoS (PS3), DoA stick (Xbox), HighBox


Castlevania PS3 version
$20 shipped

DoA stick (360), unmodded. The ‘X’ logo on the home button fell off.
$20 shipped

HighBox + Component cables for PSX/GCN/XBOX
$40 shipped

Also will trade for stuff here:

More to come. Pics to come as well.
Right now, this is more of an interest check.
I get responses, I’ll put more up / put up pics.


Is that an original Xbox or 360 stick?


360, sorry.


Whats up buddy? -grins-
If it’s not sold, at one of the Friday meets bring that DoA Stick… If it’s the same of my EX2, I might pick it up… I’d like to see if I can do a Sanwa swap.


I wont be there Firday

If you’re looking for a picture of the DoA stick, it’s in the FB group.




DoA stick is there. The Cammy stick is NOT for sale.


PM Sent!


My Paypal’s on lock right now from a transaction with another member of SRK…

I can’t accept any payments until then.


K, let me know when you’re ready to sell.