FS ComebackMechanic.com MidWest FGC Gear and Apparel is now open!

Hello World Warriors!

I’m excited to announce the grand openning of ComebackMechanic.com!

ComebackMechanic.com is a Gear and Apparel shop focusing on designs for the FGC by MidWest FGC members.

Check out our site at ComebackMechanic.com and use coupon code SRK for 10% off your entire order!

Perfect Hair and Asphalt Demon are available TODAY and our The New Shadaloo design ships 5/15

‘Perfect Hair’ Look your manliest as you protect Russian skies!

  • ‘Perfect Hair’ is printed in black ink on a fine Paprika colored Gildan cotton crew-neck shirt.
  • 6.1 oz., 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Comes in S-3XL
  • $16.99 + S&H (add $2 for 2X+3X)

‘Asphalt Demon’

‘Asphalt Demon’ is printed in multiple colored inks on a Charcoal colored Gildan cotton crew-neck shirt.

  • 6.1 oz., 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Comes in S-3XL
  • $19.99 + S&H (add $2 for 2X+3X)

‘The New Shadaloo’

‘The New Shadaloo’ is printed in pink ink on a female form Light Pink Gildan cotton shirt.

  • 6.1oz., 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Comes in S-2XL
  • Ships May 15th! (possibly sooner if pre-orders sell)
  • $19.99 + S&H (add $2 for 2X)

There is a lot of apparel stores that are established as well as breaking into the scene these days, so in the post directly below I’d like to talk more about our expectations and what you may find different about ComebackMechanic.com than you would other retailers.

What are your goals? or Why do you want my money?

It would be disingenuous to say I wouldn’t like to build a business to supplement my income, but I do want to take this moment to express my commitment to expanding our community as a main focus of Comeback Mechanic.

There are a large amount of companies/people that currently do or are attempting to establish themselves in the FGC. These organizations often don’t have the FGC interests in mind or don’t really have the cash flow/knowledge of how to help. Notable examples of those doing it RIGHT are BT and MadCatz, both of whom highlight what it means to have a strong influence in shaping and building our community. Comeback Mechanic would like to be added to the list of groups trying to make a difference.

In particular, building the MidWest is close to my heart. We have made strides over the last few years to form a more solid group of competitors and community members in Missouri, but need to reach out to those in the middle of the US to remind the country that there isn’t just EC and WC. That is not to say there is any disrespect or beef, but a better funded, organized, and communicative MidWest will help the FGC as a whole.

Plans to sponsor teams are a talk for the future, but flowing money into MidWest streams and events will be a priority right out of the gate for ComebackMechanic.com

We hope to have an open conversation soon with your local scene and please feel free to PM me on twitter, facebook, or SRK if you have any input or questions about helping out the MidWest or your group.

Who are you?

I am James Glasgow aka ‘witebuddha’, a proud FGC member in St. Louis, MO.

I got my start in the competitive scene with Guilty Gear XX #Reload back in 2003. While I was never any good at GG I was reintroduced into the community when I took up Street Fighter 4. Now a days I’m mostly a UMvC3 player competitively, but I still enjoy playing most every fighting game released.

I tend to play at the most well established venue in St. Louis, the STLBarWarz Barcade out of Danno’s Bar in Marlbougho, MO. Myself and local STL talent can be seen at events streamed out of the Barcade every Monday night at twitch.tv/stlbarwarz

What kind of shirts do you use as a base?

This is going to depend on the design. Our first shirt, ‘Perfect Hair’, is on a heavy cotton 6.1oz Gildan shirt. These shirts are soft and a little heavier for comfort. Also, Gildan offers larger sizes and offers a quality and durability that is really great for our small operation. We will, however, like to use American Apparel for future shirts that are just a bit softer and better fitted. “The New Shadaloo” is printed specifically on a 2000L Gildan female form shirt allowing for maximum comfort. Please note that all shirt designs say what kind of base shirt they use in the description.

Will you be offering more than shirts?

YES. We have a LOT of ideas for items outside of apparel, but to be honest it’s just a matter of $$$. Creating 1 shirt for print has basically killed my personal savings, but success or investments in the future will lead to something more.

Also, we want to highlight some of the people already offering services in the MidWest. Modders and graphic designers that offer great work for the FGC.

Looking for new stick art? Sean Hook (aka ‘BV Strucker’) of Nerdster Design can be contacted via facebook https://www.facebook.com/NerdsterDesign?ref=ts&fref=ts

Ohhhh, I really like the Shadaloo shirt, really cute design. I pre-ordered one, look forward to it, and good luck on the sales.

Thank you! You are my first pre-order for that print. I hope you are happy with it when it arrives :smiley:

Just a couple of updates:

We recently sat down with Nerdster Design, a MidWest stick art designer. Check out their art and the interview here http://comebackmechanic.com/midwest-highlight-stick-artist-nerdster-design/

Also, we got in our first shipment of Asphalt Demon early! There was an issue getting the right colors for printing silk screen on the shirt and the last minute the color was adjusted. Here’s how it turned out!

(Note that I edited the master post so this is pic represents the same color above as it does here)

Wore one on Saturday and sold a few locally, hope you guys like the look!

Free bump, as my shirt just shipped, sad I won’t be able to get it and wear it at ECT, but that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Very excited to receive my shirt.