FS:Comic Con 2009 SDCC Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Vinyl Record


I have here rare Comic Con 2009 SDCC Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Vinyl Record.

Only 200 made! Limited Edition Comic Con Exclusive MvC2

These cannot be purchased, and are extremely rare.

This Vinyl was created for the re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, for Xbox Live and PS3.

The DJ’s that helped remix this LP are: Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Heiroglyphics, DJ Qbert, E40 & Drooopy, The Grouch & Eligh, Havoc & Nyce, Oh No,Planet Asia, MC Supernatural, DJ Toure, Random

ITEM IS BRAND NEW: Asking Price 110 shipped


110?? PFF LOL, you guys kill me with these prices for Comic Con stuff. Id rather pay 15$ for the game on XBLA and listen to the Take me for a ride sound track.


Hey 110 isnt bad some ppl paid 250 for it.


I got all does songs free on psn but someone will def buy it to have in hung in there room and a few people on here did pay 250 so it is a hood price


130 is the price that i paid for on ebay. im not making any profit only losing. The reason im selling is i got another. So i dont need 2


Yo holla at toodles he really wanted 1 and idk if he got it if I wasn’t on my phone I’d pm him


try toodles… he was looking for one… not sure if he picked it up yet…


And if u sell another Nanci stick 4 a good price I want 1st dibs


I think toodles has one already if not. i night pm now.


Umm. Wow. Didn’t expect this to be posted by an '03 member when I first saw it, that’s for sure. Never come into a guy’s topic just to shit on his offer unless he’s trying to scam people and you realize that. We like to keep things civil in here. If you can’t afford it or have no interest in it, don’t bother posting in the topic.

Good luck selling this. If I was more into MvC2 I’d be all over this to have as a collector’s item.


dont worry his comments dont bother me at all. Thanks for ur support.

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Read some more of Spitfie messages and you can understand why… LMAO!

Goodluck meus!